CSE Midlands reading schedule 2016-7

25 Oct

CSE Midlands reading group have scheduled to read Michael Roberts’ The Long Depression: How It Happened, Why It Happened, And What Happens Next, published earlier this year (2016).

Adopting an ‘unapologetically Marxist perspective’, Roberts argues that the global economy remains in the throes of a depression, due to an ongoing problem of low profitability and high levels of debt; the only ‘solution’ to which will be yet another economic slump, which would need to destroy the value of existing capital and therefore restore the profitability of that which remains.

The reading schedule is as follows:

All meetings are to take place at the University of Birmingham, starting at 12.30pm:

20th October – Intro, chapters 1 & 2 (Thursday) – Strathcona SR2

4th November – chapters 3 & 4 (Friday) – Strathcona SR 6

17th November – chapters 5 & 6 (Thursday) – Muirhead 716

2nd December – chapters 7 & 8 (Friday) – Muirhead 716

15th December – chapters 9 & 10 (Thursday) – Muirhead 716

6th January – chapters 11 & 12 (Friday) – Muirhead 716

12th January – chapter 13, appendix 1 (Thursday) – location tbc

20th January – Appendix 2 (Friday) – Muirhead 950

All welcome!


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