Michael Roberts – The Long Depression

11 Jan

CSE Midlands are happy to welcome Michael Roberts, to present the main ideas of his new book, ‘The Long Depression’. 

Michael Roberts —The Long Depression: Capitalism in Stagnation since 2008
University of Birmingham
Wednesday, 25th January
University House, Room 111
All welcome! 

Michael Roberts has worked in the City of London for over 30 years as an economist. He has an intimate knowledge of the workings of finance capital as a result. He presents a Marxist analysis of modern economies as opposed to mainstream economics (neoclassical and Keynesian). The Marxist thesis is that production under capitalism is for the profit of the owners of capital and there is continual conflict between meeting the needs of people and profit for the few. The contradiction was starkly expressed in the Great Recession of 2008-9, the biggest collapse in capitalist production since the 1930s. In his new book, Roberts explains that, since the end of the Great Recession, the major economies have remained in a Long Depression as in the 1930s and 1880s that they cannot seem to escape from. The book explains how and why this happened and what happens next.

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