Trade Unions and the State in a time of Coronavirus: For or Against the Jobs Guarantee?

22 May

Debate: Trade Unions and the State in a time of Coronavirus: For or Against the Jobs Guarantee?


Wednesday 27 May 2020, 4pm (UK time)

email us for the zoom link:

hosted by CSE/Capital and Class Midlands

Michael Murray, Associate Professor of Economics, Bemidji State University, and author of numerous articles on the Job Guarantee and editor of The Job Guarantee: Toward True Full Employment

Michael Roberts, author of the well-known Michael Roberts Blog: blogging from a Marxist perspective

Yuliya Yurchenko, Senior Lecturer in Political Economy, University of Greenwich, and local UCU Health and Safety rep

Rob Johnston, Policy and Campaigns Officer, Trades Union Congress, Midlands

The TUC has recently promoted the idea of a ‘Jobs Guarantee’. This raises a number of important questions around what progressive support the state can or will provide during this crisis, and how trade unions should respond.

This debate considers different positions in this debate, both more and less supportive, and aims to provide trade union activists with an opportunity to reflect on what we can and should be asking of the state during the Coronavirus Crisis.

Join us to discuss this vital question for all trade unionists and workers in the current crisis. All welcome!

FB event page: here

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