Against the commercialisation of the university: strikes, protests and/or Jeremy Corbyn?

16 May

Against the commercialisation of the university: strikes, protests and/or Jeremy Corbyn?

A solidarity event hosted by CSE Midlands in support of the UCU pay dispute

25 May 2016, University of Birmingham Chaplaincy (i.e. on the “right” side of the picket line)

Over-paid managers are taking over our universities. Our wages continue to decline in real terms, whilst the managers who introduce “5-year plans” and “departmental restructures” see their bloated salaries continue to escalate. The University of Birmingham’s Vice-Chancellor, Sir David Eastwood, earns £416,000 per year, one of the highest in the country. Its Chancellor, Lord Bilimoria, was recently exposed by international press coverage of the Panama Papers, as having earned £3.2 million in dividends at the same time as his company, Cobra Beer, was about to go bankrupt. Should the university be run according to ‘market logic’?

This event, replacing a planned launch event for the current special issue of the journal Capital & Class, on Left Convergence, will see authors from that special issue discuss the various ways in which we can and should learn from past and present discussions and experiences of social struggle, so that we might (re)discover how to end the neoliberal logic that is taking over our universities. The special issue can be found here:


12.00 Welcome, strike rally and update, Roland Brandstaetter, University of Birmingham UCU Branch President

12.10 Student Support for the Modern Languages campaign

12.20 Elio Di Muccio, University of Birmingham UCU anti-casualisation campaign, “You cannot have your cake and eat it: employers, casualisation and the proletarianisation of the workforce”

12.30 LUNCH (provided)

1.00 Introduction and the case for left convergence, Alex Prichard and Owen Worth

1.30 On representation and prefiguration, Teivo Teivainen

1.45 Lessons from horizontal politics, Nick Kiersey

2.00 Different context, same questions? the Kurdish struggle and the Rojava revolution, Yagmur Savran

2.15 Open discussion: maximising impact and gaining stronger leverage in our campaigns

3.30 END – Drinks (provided)

Location: St Francis Hall, “O2” in this map:

Hosted by CSE Midlands

Open to all picketers, those on strike, and supporters – children welcome


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    I’m giving a talk in Birmingham on May 25, 2016


  1. Left-Wing Convergence? | CSE Midlands - May 16, 2016


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