POLSIS Marxist and Radical Politics Study Group 2013-14

25 Oct

The POLSIS Marxist and Radical Politics Study Group returns for 2013-14.

We intend to meet every fortnight, although we haven’t yet decided exactly what we’re going to read (suggestions welcome!):

Wednesday 30 October 2013:   11.00am –  Muirhead 1250:  Nitzan and Bichler’s Capital as Power: A Study of Order and Creorder and  introductory overview notes here

Wednesday 13 November: 2.00pm – Muirhead 415: We will be reading the exchange between Nitzan and Bichler and Andrew Kliman, in Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies, available here.

Wednesday 27 November: 2.00pm – Muirhead 528: Following our reading of Kliman’s view of Nitzan and Bichler at the last meeting, we’re going to be reading Kliman’s own work. Kliman (2011) The Failure of Capitalist Production (Pluto). A review of the book by one of the study group members is here.

Wednesday 11 December 2.00pm –  Kliman (2011) The Failure of Capitalist Production Notes: kliman-on-profit.pdf.

Wednesday 8 January 2.00pm: CANCELLED

Wednesday 22 January 200pm: Reading schedule discussion

Wednesday 5 February 2.00pm – JG Smith Building, Seminar Room A: Sylvia Federici, Revolution at Point Zero: Introduction, Wages Against Housework, Why Sexuality is Work, Feminism and the Politics of the Common in an Era of Primitive Accumulation

Thursday 20 February 4.00pm The British Oak: 1364 Pershore Road: Alex Sutton talk: Towards an Open Marxist theory of imperialism. Alex Sutton will be joining us from Warwick to present his recently published article in Capital and Class, ‘Towards an Open Marxist Theory of Imperialism’, followed by a reading group social event. Facebook event page here.

Future dates: We aim to start reading Rosa Luxemburg’s Accumulation of Capital – dates yet to be decided.

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