POLSIS Marxist and Radical Politics Study Group 2012-13

15 Feb

We are pleased to launch this website for the POLSIS Marxist and Radical Politics Study Group, which has been in existence (on and off) for 5 years. We are adjusting the format slightly, in particular to include more invited speakers, research seminars, and research workshops, and thereby broaden our focus beyond being solely a reading group (although this remains the core of our activities). All are welcome to join in – on either a regular or ad hoc basis.

The schedule over the coming months is as follows, although we are working on a number of events to fit into the ‘gap’ weeks in the schedule – more details to follow:


13 Feb: Introduction to a Critique of Political Economy & Theses on Feuerbach
27 Feb: Germany Ideology (Muirhead 429)

6 Mar: BOOK LAUNCH AND STUDY GROUP RE-LAUNCH: Ross Abbinett, 2013, Politics of Happiness: Connecting the philosophical ideas of Hegel, Nietzsche and Derrida to the Political Ideologies of happiness (Muirhead Common Room, Room 718)

13 Mar: Poverty of Philosophy (Muirhead 415)

20 Mar: Paper: Stephen Bates: The Body in General: Corporeality, Marx and Critical Realism (Nuffield G18)

27 Mar: Capital Vol. I : Chapter 1 (Muirhead 1250) TIME FOR THIS CHANGED TO 10.00 am
11 Apr: Capital Vol. I: Chapters 2&3  (Muirhead 1250)
17 Apr: Capital Vol. I: Part Two (Muirhead 431) NOTES

24 Apr: Capital Vol. I Chapters 7, 8, 9 (Muirhead 431) NOTES


15 May: I.I. Rubin – Essays on Marx’s Theory of Value Muirhead 431 Notes on Rubin
22 May: Capital Vol. I: chapters 10 and 11 (Muirhead 1249)
29 May: Capital Vol. I: chapters 12-14 (Muirhead 1249) NOTES

5 Jun: J.K. Gibson-Graham, 2006, A post-capitalist politics (Muirhead 1250) NOTES

12 Jun: chapter 15 (Muirhead 1250)

19 Jun: Capital Vol. I: Part Five (Muirhead 1250)

26 Jun: Spivak, Can the Subaltern Speak  (Muirhead 1249) – CANCELLED

Later: Capital Vol. I: Capital Vol. I: Parts Six, Seven, Eight

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